The best rattrap that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly

If you are looking for a rattrap that actually works, that is humane and non-toxic, then it is at Aurocon that you will find your new rattrap. With our trap for pests such as rats and mice, you are guaranteed a reliable trap that you can trust for many years to come.

Our trap is almost fully autonomous which, to a great extent, benefits you as a pest control expert. It will make your work incredibly easier. At the same time, the trap ensures a humane death for the pests. The trap is poison-free and can thus be placed in far more locations than most of the traps on the market, which often use poison. Here we just use a non-toxic bait.

When vermin enter a ready rattrap, a sensor is activated inside the trap which immediately afterwards activates a piston that is triggered by the compressed gas in the CO2 cartridge. These cartridges, along with the battery of the trap, are actually the only thing you need to service in your daily work. Our rattrap takes care of the rest.


Even with the CO2 cartridge, there is a minimal amount of work, because it can perform no less than 80 killings per cartridge. Therefore, it is relatively seldom that will have to replace the cartridges in your traps.

The best rat trap

Smart and intelligent rattrap from Aurocon

In addition, our rattrap constantly sends notifications whenever the killings take place. Hence, it is up to you as a pest control expert whether you want to remove the remains of each individual pest, or whether you want to leave them to the predators.


We have also developed our rattrap so that you can constantly monitor its status online. Here you can also see how much gas is left in the CO2 cartridges. This is a smart feature that helps you plan in advance when you should change the cartridge in each individual trap. Our trap is reserved for pest control professionals. 


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