The best mousetrap, which is environmentally friendly and non-

As a pest control expert, you are probably looking for the best mousetrap on the market. You can very well find it here at Aurocon. We have put an incredible amount of effort into developing a rather unique trap that can easily be the best mousetrap on the market right now.

With our trap for both mice and rats, you can avoid a great deal of hassle and stress in your everyday life. In this way, you avoid driving around to each individual customer to check on every single trap for pests. Instead, you are alerted when a mouse or rat has fallen into the trap. This is done on the online platform that we have created for that very purpose.


The trap even reports on killed pests and how much content is left in the CO2 cartridge. This cartridge is an absolutely essential part of the trap as the killings take place by means of a piston that is driven by the compressed air in the CO2 cartridge. 

The best mousetrap
Electric rattrap

The best mousetrap – Also for the enviroment

With a trap from Aurocon, you not only get the best mousetrap, but also a trap where the environment is taken into account, because the trap is non-toxic. This, along with the lightning-fast and accurate killing, helps the pests to die quickly and humanely. In addition, our traps also contribute to a better environment because they do not poison any animals or plants in the local area.

This also means that there is far greater freedom as to where our traps can be placed since your private customers’ pets are not at risk of being exposed to poison from the traps.


As you can see, there is a great number of benefits as well as innovation in our traps – which may very well be the best mousetrap on the market at present. Our trap is only sold to professional pest controllers and not to private customers. 


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