I keep a private chicken farm in my garden, as a small leisure activity. As a natural side effect, rats have come on my grounds. Neither I nor the municipality are satisfied with that.

After the first control period, I chose to set up AuroTrap in and around the chicken coop. The chickens were in no way in danger by me setting the trap inside the cage. They can not get into the trap, based on the way the trap is made.

The effect was quickly visible. I could see on the App that is with that there was activity in the trap. We and our cat were very happy about that. The cat quickly found out that there were rats lying around to pick up at the trap. In time, the cat actually sat and waited for new ones to arrive. This resulted in a change in when the rats went into the trap. But in the trap they went.

I can therefore give my best recommendations for the trap. It requires no maintenance and is extremely efficient.

Susanne Høg

Privat Høsehold Bruger AuroTrap Multikill Rottefælde Fra Aurocon 1

“I had a massive problem with pests (mice & rats) on my property. We chose to try out AuroTrap, which has a non-toxic fight.

AuroTrap has a multi-kill feature so it remained effective, even after a blow to pests. It can fight up to 80 animals before you need to open the trap. It is much more effective than the known flap traps. Which made it easy for me to maintain.

The app function with history about the status and number of killing animals, gave me the opportunity to document my fight to the necessary authorities.

We have maintained our AuroTrap traps on properties. Now they stand as a security scheme. At the same time, they are ready to start fighting if animals fall into the trap.

All in all, AuroTrap was a success for our pest control. ”


Allan Fredsø

Flemming Bach

Nature & Environment Manager

After an expensive workshop visit where it turned out that a rodent had bitten a wire over, I realized I had mice in my garage.

I then explored various options for non-toxic pest control. In consultation with a local pest control company, I chose to set up the multiple homicide trap, AuroTrap from Aurocon in my garage.

I have subsequently been informed that 23 mice have been removed from the property, so the trap is incredibly effective.

Henrik S

Udtalelse Mus I Garage Aurocon