Rat control - Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

If you work with rat control, then it is the mousetrap and rattrap from Aurocon that you are missing. The trap from Aurocon is ideal for rat control and frees up time in your everyday life. Continue reading below and learn more about our smart trap:

Aurocon’s trap is totally and completely non-toxic, and it does not constitute a danger to either its immediate environment, livestock or anything else. This gives even more options in terms of where you can set up the trap.

Electric rattrap - a tool for rat control
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The trap from Aurocon is a superb tool in rat control

The trap kills the pest immediately after it enters the device. This is done by means of compressed gas which triggers a piston that causes the immediate death of the pest, which in turn causes the least possible pain and suffering.

In other words, the trap from Aurocon is your new best friend when it comes to rat control. Then, the remains slide quietly back onto the ground, and you are notified that a pest has been killed. This gives you the option of removing it. However, you can also choose to leave it to a predator that will surely come and remove the dead body before long.

The smart features of the trap do not end here. You always have the option of monitoring how things are going with the pest control at your customers’ location. Hence, you do not need to check the traps all the time.

Additionally, you will be notified when the CO2 cartridge and the battery of the trap need to be replaced. However, the trap can perform 80 kills on one single cartridge, and the battery has a lifespan of 1½ – 2 years. In other words, it takes a long time before you have to service the trap.

When you get our trap as your new weapon for rat control, you will quickly discover how smart it is and how little time and effort you have to use, when you choose our traps in your work with rat control. Please note that we only sell to pest control professionals.

We are ready to answer your questions and give you a demonstration – Contact us by email: info@aurocon.dk or by phone: 30623553 – We look forward to hearing from you.