Effective non-toxic and environmentally friendly pest control

If you are looking for new and improved pesticides and tools, then you are at the right place. At Aurocon, we have a great deal of expertise in pest control. Our traps are smarter and more intelligent than ever before. Our traps are fully autonomous and you, as a professional in pest control, will quickly notice that your workload and your driving will be dramatically reduced.

With our trap, you do not have to check on it every other day. The only thing you need to replace is the battery and the CO2 cartridge of the trap. The trap works by luring the mouse or rat with a non-toxic bait, after which a sensor detects the presence of the pest. This sensor transmits the message to a piston which runs on compressed gas from the CO2 cartridge. The pest is thus guaranteed a quick, humane and even non-toxic death.


When you use a trap from Aurocon, there are no mice or rats lying by the trap and suffering unnecessarily. After the kill, the pest slides out onto the ground outside the trap, after which you as a pest control expert can either pick it up, or you leave it for a predator to do it. 

Pest control

Full control of your pest control 

You have full control over the effectiveness of the trap. The trap sends reports all the time online where you can see the number of killings and how much gas is left in the CO2 cartridges of the trap. Thus, the trap is more or less autonomous. You only have to change the CO2 cartridges and the battery. However, you also have the possibility of being notified after each killing.


You can then drive out to the location of the trap and pick up the remains of the vermin. Many customers will be happy about this service, since they avoid the presence of predators nearby. Please note that we do not sell to private individuals, but only to professionals. 


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