A mousetrap that works - Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

If you, as a pest control expert, are looking for a mousetrap that works, then you have landed on the right place. With the smart and intelligent trap from Aurocon, you are guaranteed a mousetrap that works.


Not only does it work, it is both smarter and more humane than other traps on the market. With this trap, the pest does not suffer any needless harm, since it does not lie and suffer unnecessarily. The trap is practically fully autonomous. The only thing you, as a pest control professional, have to do is to replace the CO2 cartridge of the trap from time to time. However, it must be said that the trap can perform up to 80 kills of mice and rats per cartridge. It is therefore quite seldom, compared to what you are probably used to, when you periodically have to check every single trap. 


A mousetrap that works and simplifies your work as a pest control expert

The daily work with the traps can now be done from a PC, where you can see
statistics from each individual trap and how much gas is left in the individual
CO2 cartridge of the trap. With an efficient mousetrap from Aurocon, you do not
need to manually check on your traps often. This is because the trap simply
lets the pest fall back out onto the ground.

As a pest control expert, you can choose to go out and pick up the remains
of the vermin, because you get a notification for each killing. However, you
can also choose to let the mouse or rat lie there and let a predator take it.

You can then offer 2 solutions at 2 different price levels. The one where
the trap is fully autonomous and you simply replace the CO2 cartridge and the
battery, when needed. The other alternative would be a more comprehensive service
package where you, as a pest control professional, pick up each individual

One thing is for sure, with an Aurocon trap, you are guaranteed a mousetrap
that works. Please note that our smart traps are only sold to professional pest
control experts.


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