Electronic rattrap - Green pest control

At Aurocon, we cannot offer you an electronic rattrap, but we can offer you something much better. Our intelligent traps eliminate not only rats, but also mice. The trap is free of toxins and does not harm the local environment in any way.

As already mentioned, our trap is not an electronic rattrap, but as a pest control professional, there are great benefits you can gain by using our trap. Despite the fact that it is not an electronic rattrap, it kills pests in a quick and above all humane manner.

The rat or mouse is enticed to the trap and enters the alluring entrance. The trap immediately detects that there is an intrusive guest. This is done by means of a sensor which immediately sends a signal to a compressed air piston that causes the immediate death of the vermin. Then, the pest slides outside the trap again where you as exterminator or one of the area’s predators can pick it up. Meanwhile the trap gets ready for the next vermin.

smart and non-electric rattrap
Automatisk Og Mere Miljoevenlig Rottefaelde Fra Danske Aurocon

Smarter than an electronic rattrap

Even though it is not an electronic trap, it is smarter than the vast majority. As a pest control expert, you can always monitor online how the trap is operating. You also have the option of being notified each time a killing takes place so that you can remove the remains near the trap.

In addition, the trap is so smart that it even notifies you when it is time to replace the CO2 cartridge or battery. So even though Aurocon’s trap is not a traditional electronic trap, it comes with really many benefits for you, your customers and the pests. That is something you can easily relate to. Our trap is exclusively sold to professional pest control companies.

We are ready to answer your questions and give you a demonstration – Contact us by email: info@aurocon.dk or by phone: 30623553 – We look forward to hearing from you.