Electric rattrap - Intelligent and reliable pest control

You have searched for an electric rattrap. If you want to become a dealer of an intelligent trap for rats and mice, then you have come to the right place. At Aurocon, we can offer you a very unique trap for mice and rats for pest control.

Our trap is not an ordinary electric rattrap. Once you have seen how humane and yet effective our trap is, you will not go back to a classic electric rattrap again. So despite the fact that we cannot offer you an electric rattrap, we can still offer a completely unique product.

Electric rattrap
smart and non-electric rattrap

The smart and non-electric rattrap from Aurocon

Our trap is 100% non-toxic, and the pests do not experience any unnecessary suffering. They are lured into the trap by means of a non-toxic bait as well as a specially designed entrance, which attracts both mice and rats. When a mouse or a rat enters the trap, it is detected by a sensor which activates a pneumatic piston that kills the vermin in a quick and humane way. The animal then slides outside the trap again where it can either be removed or picked up by predators. In the meantime, the trap automatically prepares itself for the next killing. In the CO2 cartridge, there is enough compressed gas to perform about 80 kills of mice or rats. However, the trap automatically notifies you when it is time to replace it.

But the intelligent features of the trap do not stop here. It also provides ongoing information and statistics about the killings, so you can constantly monitor whether it works as intended in the spot where you have placed it. In this way, you avoid wasting time on unnecessary driving to check the status of the traps installed at customer sites.

Our trap is a solid product that ensures you a good and stable operation for many years to come. At Aurocon, we sell exclusively to pest control professionals. In other words, if you want to make private use of our pest trap, you must contact your local pest control company.

We are ready to answer your questions and give you a demonstration – Contact us by email: info@aurocon.dk or by phone: 30623553 – We look forward to hearing from you.