Electric mousetrap vs. intelligent and environmentally friendly mousetrap

If you are looking for an electric mousetrap, we are happy to inform you that there is a new and even smarter trap on the market. With a trap from Aurocon, you will in no way miss an electric mousetrap.

With this new generation of traps for both rats and mice, you can get more time and profit in your daily work as a pest control professional. This new type of trap which we, at Aurocon, have developed from scratch, is something completely different.


It is not an electric trap, but it is instead very revolutionary in that it is not only self-triggering, but also reports directly to an online platform. Here you can, for example, keep an eye on the number of killings and how much content is left in the CO2 cartridges that drive the piston, which ensures the lightning-fast and humane death of the pests. 

Electric rattrap
Electric rattrap

Far smarter and more humane than an electric mousetrap

With this method, there are no pests lying around and suffering unnecessarily. As mentioned before, this is due to the fact that the trap is completely non-toxic, which also makes it possible to place the trap in areas where pets frequent.

In fact, cats and other predators can do the work for you and get rid of the pests so you do not have to pick them up all the time. When the pest has been killed, it rolls out onto the ground outside the trap again. After a killing, the trap gets ready for the next visitor.


This also means that you as a professional pest controller only need to replace the CO2 cartridge. However, because the cartridge lasts for as many as 80 kills, they do not need to be replaced frequently. On the whole, there is a lot less maintenance and supervision of our traps, as opposed to an electric trap. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that our smart traps are only sold to certified professionals in pest control. 


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