AuroTrap is an effective rat trap that kills both rats and mice in a humane and non-toxic way. The rat trap is built into a steel box and can function independently, with or without a ground spike, or mounted on a wall. The steel box is weatherproof and is locked with the associated key to prevent injury to other animals or people.

When the rat or mouse goes up into the trap, a CO2 cartridge is activated, which triggers a piston, which kills the animal using compressed air. Each CO2 cartridge contains enough compressed air to strike approx. 80 rats or mice killed.

How the trap works:

Rodents are attracted

Rodents are lured to the trap by a non-toxic lure, and the specifically designed entrance, which attracts both rats and mice.

Humane killing

The sensors in the trap detect when a rat or mouse enters the trap and kills the animal using a pneumatic piston, quickly, safely, and humanely.

Data collection

The trap sends data to the online platform showing control and status of battery, CO₂ level, signal strength, temperature, and number of pests killed.

Trap preparation

The trap automatically prepares for the next killing. Each CO₂ cartridge contains enough compressed air to kill approx. 80 rodents.

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Collection of predators

All killings take place without secondary poisoning of other animals. The killed rodents will be collected by other predators or removed.

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I had a massive problem with pests (mice and rats) on my property. We chose to try out AuroTrap, which has a non-toxic fight. It is much more efficient than the known folding traps, which made it easy for me to maintain.

The app function with history about the status and number of animals killed, gave me the opportunity to document my fight to the necessary authorities. We have maintained our AuroTrap traps on the property. Now they stand as a security scheme and are ready to fight pests should animals fall into the trap.

All in all, AuroTrap was a success for our pest control.

Allan Fredsø

Benefits of the AuroTrap system

More environmentally friendly pest control

With an automatic and non-toxic trap, you reduce CO₂ emissions due to fewer service visits, and at the same time protect the environment from toxins.

Avoid secondary poisoning of predators and pets

Using the AuroTrap system with its effective method of killing rodents, you will not only offer a humane kill for the rodents, but also eliminate any possibility of secondary poisoning for both pets and wildlife.

Automatic data collection and reporting

The online system provides access to instant statistics around the clock, where the latest data is automatically registered for the individual trap.

Save time and money on unnecessary service visits

The AuroTrap system is ideal for minimizing the operational costs of pest control and avoiding redundant service visits checking up on single traps.

Automatic data collection and reporting

AuroTrap automatically collects a series of data, which is sent to a server. All data can be accessed from both smartphone and computer.

The following data is transmitted to the server:

Efficient and reliable solution

The AuroTrap system collects a variety of data that is automatically sent to a server that can be accessed from both smartphone and computer. The data submitted includes, trap number, trap location, rat killed, mouse killed, date and time, battery level, compressed air level and other information.  Each trap is a standalone unit without connected power that has a capacity of killing up to 80 rodents before the need to change the CO2 cannister.  The battery life is approximately 6 years.

Intelligent pest control

The AuroTrap system automatically sends a message when it is time for service, replacement of the CO2 cannister, or the battery needs to be replaced. The AuroTrap system is a Danish invention developed by Aurocon AS. Our patent is pending in Canada, USA, Australia, India, Brazil, Europe, and China.  With the focus on the environment, we wanted to transform traditional rodent control with the frequent use of anti-coagulants and other toxic rodenticides to an effective, smart, intelligent, and cost-effective solution where redundant procedures were eliminated, toxic rodenticides removed, and where the technician’s expertise were utilized.

Automatic and intelligent monitoring of the individual trap

Each individual AuroTrap unit is easily connected to the server via the mobile phone’s GPS when it is set up. The online system provides access to instant statistics around the clock, where the latest data is automatically recorded for the individual trap. When a rodent goes into the trap, a notification is automatically sent to the system. By analyzing and using this data, you will save many unnecessary service visits and redundant trips using service vehicles due to the 24/7 surveillance system that also gathers data.

Protect wildlife from secondary poisoning and strengthen the company’s green profile with intelligent and non-toxic pest control

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

The ideal prevention starts with securing buildings and preventing the accumulation of hiding places and access to food. When traps need to be placed, there is a habituation period before rodents accept the trap as a natural part of the environment. This period can last 4-8 weeks. Thereafter, rodents that roam a property will be more likely to search for traps in their movement.

Signs of rodent activity can be holes in the ground or under tiles, into cavity walls, etc. If holes are free of cobwebs and other dirt, it is a sign that there is activity. Excrement, scrubbing and wheezing from cavities and attics are also signs of rodent activity.

The law on the use of anticoagulants for prevention is largely made to protect other predators from secondary poisoning. But a non-toxic fight actually brings other benefits as well …

The rodents are killed instantly and therefore cannot lie down to die in cavities or ceilings and cause odor nuisance. In most cases, the dead animals will be removed by predators (foxes, cats, martens, birds of prey, etc.) within a few days. With IoT monitoring, you are always up to date on the fight, and you are notified if a trap needs service. Next, a capacity of 80 killed rodents provides a minimal time spent on servicing once the trap is set up.

After a period, it will be possible to assess the location of traps in relation to the statistics that the reporting system regularly receives, so that areas on the property with high pressure can be optimally covered.

Traps are best placed on both sides of gates, doors, etc. as well as along walls and preferably towards fields, windbreaks and other vegetation. If you have game feeding places, chicken houses or houses for free-range pigs, these are also places where the trap can be placed with advantage.

Since one must not use poison for control further than 10 meters from buildings, the trap is a good solution to secure places that are further away.

It varies from property to property, but a good rule of thumb is one trap per property. 15 meter wall. However, this can vary according to the condition of the building, as a building in good condition does not require as many traps.