Humane and reliable rodent trap


The AuroTrap system features:

AuroTrap is an effective rodent control system - humanely trapping, and killing, rats and mice without the use of chemical rodenticides.

The trap is built into a steel box
and can work independently,
with or without ground spikes, or mounted on a wall.
The trap is a Danish patent-pending invention,
developed by Aurocon ApS.

smart and non-electric rattrap

Benefits of the AuroTrap system

More environmentally friendly pest control

With an automatic and non-toxic trap, you reduce CO₂ emissions due to fewer service visits and at the same time protect the environment from toxins

Avoid secondary poisoning of predators and pets

With no use of rodenticides, the AuroTrap system eliminates the risk of secondary poisoning, and is safe for the environment and pets.

Automatic data collection and reporting

The online system provides access to instant statistics around the clock, where the latest data is automatically registered for the individual trap

Save time and money on unnecessary service visits

The AuroTrap system is ideal for you who want to minimize the operating costs of pest control and avoid unnecessary service visits to the individual trap.